EasyStore Merchant Success Stories: A Classic Handmade Stationery with Big Ambitious

By Ying Lee · 13th October, 2017

EasyStore Merchant Success Stories:


A Classic Handmade Stationery with Big Ambitious 

The founder of The1992Version – Paggie Foo, who is a crafter, a designer, an inventor with architecture knowledge and applies these knowledge into a piece of art, showcase and benefits to the public. With her enthusiasms in the architecture field and the passionate in journaling enthusiast, which benefits her in the sense of started the online business career and inaugurate her sense of art into her creation. With her passion in her journaling enthusiast, she has a purpose to exposition to the public of her inner thoughts whereby to keep the memories in a journal physically and by utilize the journal book as the perfect medium as the idea on the creation of the journal, as well as to nurture the sense of writing journal for their self-development and self-education. 


Intense to break the thought of wrong perceptions and stereotypes from the public’s mindset toward the 90s young generations. The aim of the brand is to reverse the public’s social misconceptions to 90s generation.

September 2015 established

Who motivated you at first?

With the advices from friends, families, and buyers, we developed from informal WhatsApp to make order, to be as a Facebook seller, and now developed a formal official website for my own business. At first, I was still working in an architecture career, slowly I turned myself to a full time when orders were increasing through several informal orders from intimate friends to batch order from customers who are interested on my creation. At then, I decided to expand my passion to a business by seek an official platform that could assist in managing the sales record in 2015 with selling the stationery categories which is what I am expertise in. 

Why EasyStore?

Well, I started to use EasyStore platform since 2015, which I am using EasyStore as my official website as the start off. EasyStore is a website platform which is so affordable in price and user-friendly for people who without any website designing and engineering background to start up their website in a short time. They have many people standby at behind the system to assisting us step by step in setting up the website. I spent around 2 weeks with the assistance of EasyStore customer service by guidance and tutorial from them. Moreover, I don’t design the website my own as EasyStore is so convenience that it already has the simple templates and themes for us to choose and clear-narrative website for us to use. 

I’m very satisfied with EasyStore since the day I started with their service and I have been using their services for more than 2 years now.      - Paggie Foo

How much do you think your business has grown with the support of EasyStore platform?

With EasyStore support, our sales chart and sales profit margin had increased as we have saved a lot from the website platform plan subscription fees. Most of the sales are coming from EasyStore platform, as EasyStore has many customer service apps or contact form apps for us to make engagement with our customers which it makes the communication much easier than any other platform to have a direct engage with customer and get the feedback from them to improve our services as well.  Moreover, with the customer service apps which supports me to have direct communicate with the customer, we are always integrate the human behaviours factor into the design as requested by the customer’s needs. To Meet the Customer’s Needs is Always Our 1st Choice When Designing the Product. Besides, we always enhancing the product with our latest design ideas and improved craftsmanship skills by brainstorming and practicing getting the best results and perform to the customer and public. Most of the ideas are gathered from Internet, Books, Daydreaming, Friends and Family. We get a lot of support from outsider as well, by exchange the creative thinking and ideas with local and oversea designer.

Can you describe which part of your work satisfies you the most?

The Simple, The Better.  My handmade leather travellers notebook with the simple design elements isn’t just about subtracting the elements from a design willy-nilly. The elements input into the design are enhanced and considered based on the overall productiveness and aesthetics. As a designer and a crafter of my works, my goal is to make the design works with the elements that would make the design look good. Not just good, but great and greater. If the design is not as fantastic and fantasy as what I supposed to make it is, I would consider redesigning and rethink again. What to do to make the design to work well with the elements provided. This could be the hardest part to do the designing, as you will never know what “perfect” design you can get when you are keep on improving. I couldn’t say this would be the easier design job after all, as design is always changing, and trend is keep on upgrading.

Hand-cut Pieces – Hand Stitch – Hand Finish Sandpaper – Edge coats – Beeswax – Finishing.

The most exciting part and satisfying me the most is when I am designing, producing my work and come out the product at the end. The satisfaction cannot be told, it is indescribable. As we have put our effort on doing so, with the traditional European techniques, it takes bulk of production times, and are left no raw with the perfectionist personality. However; unfortunately, the term “Handmade” has being replaced by those machinery and automation these days. 

Never Give Up:

 We love to share our handmade product. 

It’s our pride and honor.

As the owner, the staff, the crafter of my own business, I have tried, failed, succeed, and repeatedly, I have gained, lost, learnt. With your spirit continuing to try, you will fall, but you will be raised again when you have upheld to. You will go through the fascinating, thrilling, exhausting and life-changing journey with Never Give Up Spirit. You will find your way to succeed.

What are your next plan?

We plan to have a physical store to showcase our works for customer to have a feel, and touch on the quality and the effort that we have made. We would like to create world of mouth marketing with the physical store and promote our online store as well.  Moreover, I have some advices for the new website owner. We would suggest the people who just started their online website, should always referring to other’s online website as an example and ask for assistance with the website customer service to build your own suitable theme of your website. (We, customer service is always welcome you to ask us question when you are having one)

Store name: The 1992 Version

Website link: www.the1992version.com

Instagram link: www.instagram.com/the1992version

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/the1992version

Phone number: +60149713139

Email address (contact): the1992version@gmail.com

Person in Charge: Paggie Foo 

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