EasyStore Merchant Success Stories: A Bachelor Degree Student who sees online business as the life goal - Prophecy

By Ying Lee · 29th November, 2017

EasyStore Merchant Success Stories: 

A Bachelor Degree Student who sees online business as the life goal - PROPHECY

Being successful doesn't depends on your status or identity, it is depends on determination!

Once graduated in Bachelor Degree- Tourism and Hospitality Management, she has begun her online business journey full-time, regardless on her family's will at the first place, she has exceed her family's expectation with her tremendous success on her online business. Now, let's find out more on this girl who begins her online business journey that made her gained knowledge gained, and improve herself to be more hardworking. 

Why did you choose eCommerce? 

The reason that I've started eCommerce journey is because I wanted to spend more time with my family, as I've spent 6 years in Taiwan for education purpose. The online business industry in Taiwan is tremendously growing, and I've foreseen the opportunities before everyone in Malaysia, so I have started to invest my time and effort in doing this online business. Although my family disagreed on my decision when I just started it, as they thought that it would be a waste after all these years studying in Taiwan. But with the knowledge and experiences I have learnt in Taiwan, I believe this career is workable in Malaysia.

The reason that I insisted in doing this career before everyone in Malaysia, is because I have experienced how mature is eCommerce industry in Taiwan. In Taiwan, the product can be delivered to the customers' houses at the same day when they purchased, some even delivered within 12 hours. With this, I believe that Malaysia could be one of the countries with similar eCommerce system; therefore, I've decided to join this path as soon as possible. 

EasyStore is very user-friendly, it was just like filling a form to complete a store setup! 

Why do you choose EasyStore?

I have started my online business in 2015 when I was back in Malaysia. I always believed that an online store is the only way to make my customer to develop trust and feel safe when they purchase products online. Therefore, I started my eCommerce with other platform, until I found EasyStore. After trying EasyStore system, I realized that this is the most suitable for me. I even completed my online store setup within a week. It is very user-friendly, and easily to be understood on all the setups. The setup guide is very clear, it was like filling a form, one simple step to another until the store is ready! 

The most favorable function its that I'm able to sync my products to marketplaces such as Lazada, 11street and so on. I do not need to upload the product to the marketplace one by one,  but I only need to upload the product to EasyStore and sync all of them to marketplaces, to promote my product and get more sales. This has saved lots of my time and effort. Moreover, they have provide live chat which is on at bottom right of the Control Panel. EasyStore team gives relatively quick-responses in working hours.

The Transformation of Prophecy

It was tough in the beginning, as I have to do all the researches by myself. I did not have much information on the product resources, and there is no one I can talk to or ask for help with. All I can rely on was going online and do my own research. I remembered there was one time, I have tried to sell the product by importing it from other country, but I didn't expect the manufacturer to miss out one batch of the products, which caused me having no products to deliver to the customer on time and affected the reputation of my store. This was one of the big issues in the beginning of the business. The only way to solve it is to apologize and sending small gifts to the customer. This taught me a lesson that being an online seller, is not only about selling and making profits, but it also require the skills on dealing with the customers or suppliers when there things did not goes as planned. 

What is the most important point in doing online business? 

- Do not be afraid of making the first step to make your dream come true

As I'm selling bags, so I do not need to consider on the sizes of the product, which it was a lot easier. Also, I have some connections with Taiwan suppliers, so it helps to solve the sourcing issues. In my opinion, the key point would be the product photos. This is very important as product's image helps to attract the customer and help them in taking action to purchase.

How to make sure the product's photo attractive the customer? 

First, the photo must be in hi-resolution and showing close up of the product as it displays what the customer need to know about the product.  Second, the brightness of the picture. At this point, EasyStore has a photo editor function, it can design, adjust the brightness, crop the photo and so on, which it brings a lot convenience!  But most importantly, it also depends on how and what kind of style you wish to bring out on each product photos.

If you able to do this 2 points, your product's photo is good to go and enough to attract your customer's attention.

Any interesting story that made selling online enjoyable?

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now

Yes, there was a customer which she did not expect our product is in a very good quality. Once she received the product, she was very excited about it because the product has exceeded her expectation. She even recommended to her colleagues to shop on my website. She took a short video of the bag and sent to me while praising the quality.  I really enjoy to have flexible working hours and flexible working location after I've started my online business. After sending out parcels every morning, I would find a cafe, sit down and update my website or research on new potential products. 

I wasn't using Facebook to promote my store and products in the beginning. But now, through the Facebook Ads (paid ads), it helped me to get more potential customers. This is the most efficient and effective method so far.  

My Passion for online business did not decrease but increased, So I will persevere and never give up

Have you ever thought of giving up?

Yes, indeed. I have invested in opening a physical store in a shopping mall but it didn't turn out as good as expected. After excluded all the rental fee, maintenance fee and other fees, I have earn lesser compared with online store. Moreover, with the budget invested on the physical store, causing insufficient budget for online store's inventory. Which eventually led to the customer scale is decreasing. I was getting a little discouraged. Plus there are many part time online seller who are willing to earn little profit by selling their products with really low price. This has a huge impact on losing our customers. It is very challenging as a full time online seller to share the same market with the part time online seller. 

Despite this, my passion for online business did not end here. In fact, I've became more passionate than before. I'll persevere and continue to manage my online business better!

Can you share some advice to the new online seller?

Well! The advice to new seller is to use EasyStore as soon as possible. It is the most convenient, user-friendly and having easy-to-use functions on setting up your own online store. There are many people whom does not know what product to sell at the first place, but I think it's more important to sell something that you are interested with, only then you will have more passion towards your online business. I'm sure there are many people saying the eCommerce industry is very competitive. But believe me, the internet business in Malaysia has just started, if you want to start your online business any time, start it now before it is too late! 

Website Link: https://prophecy.com.my/

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/prophecybags

Instagram Link: https://instagram.com/prophecy_bags

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