How To Start Selling Flower That Require No Experience

By Yavini Lucille · 29th July, 2020

To slow the spread of Covid-19, the government urged all people to stay indoors all the time. That’s the time hints us that almost anything can be found online without stepping out of the doorstep. No exception for florist business, you don’t need to build a brick and mortar store especially under ‘new normal’ now. 

Previously, we shared how the food and beverage business can set up their shipping together with the recommended apps in EasyStore. In this article, we will discuss how EasyStore features assist you in transforming your florist business to another level with more convenience and effectiveness.

Customize Instant Site For Your Store

Before your customer can place an order, the website design is the first thing to draw their attention to focus on the products at your online store. If you want to save the budget to hire a designer for you, here’s a way for you. 

More than 40 theme design templates are free-of-charge to access regardless of which plan you’re using. It has the flexibility in editing or removing the layouts until it gets closer to your ideal store appearance.

The image above shows the latest ready-made themes.

Market Your Store

Only beautifying your store theme design is not enough. You have to make visitors stop leaving your website after landing at your place. Marketing is one of the most important ways to keep scrolling and digging deeper for your product selection.

Greet your e-shoppers with a Popup Form which gives their eyes some visual interest to stay at your website. What would be the best present for newcomers on the site? Most of them probably can’t reject a welcoming offer. 

At the same time, encourage them to register at the site with a verified email address, and believe me, this action will help you very much in email marketing in the very near future.

The Announcement Bar is another powerful tool to gain visibility on the highlighted messages from your commerce. A live countdown timer is now added to create urgency for the shoppers on your special events when landed at your store.

Style Your Checkout Page 

Other than flowers, what’s the item that you will feel sincere from the sender? The answer is the gift cards that contained full of true feelings messages. Our Message Box is the way that gives your customers a place to leave their messages on the checkout page.

Remember to tick on the Required option to ensure your customers left their messages before completing the order.

When they’re too many pages to complete, people tend to fed up and stop continue at a particular task. It goes the same to your checkout page. One-Page Checkout enables your customers to take an expressway to complete the purchase on a single page.

Attaching a Date/Time Picker for your flower lovers to give options to pick on the right time to deliver the flowers. Of course, you can put a cut-off day in your checkout settings. 

For instance, the delivery date must at least 3 days after the order is paid. As well as you can block the delivery dates on weekends or public holidays to avoid impacting their shopping experience in your store.

              This is how it appears in your store’s checkout

    Reminder: Select the days/dates that you’re available and unavailable

Create Contactless Order Fulfillment

After placing the order, the next step enables you to influence the shopping experience for your customers on the site. You can give them the choice either to post the flowers or to pick up the flowers themselves. Here are some recommendations to apply to your store.

Lalamove is our courier partner in Malaysia that provides on-demand and same-day services to deliver the parcel at the touch of a button. Choose the best vehicles from them like lorries, van, cars, or even two-wheel vehicles to move your flowers at a fast and low-cost solution.

If you wish to provide a pick-up service, you can enable self-pickup at the admin panel. Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Location > Add pickup location > Fill in your location details & pickup availability.

Keep Engaging Customer with Enhanced Post-Checkout Experience

The moment of receiving the order placed is not the end of the purchase. A memorable checkout experience after placing the order could be the key point to convert them into repeated customers or even your loyal customers.

Believe me, definitely, you will have difficulty to handle so many orders in front of your laptop. Now, in a tap, you can filter the orders with delivery dates. Easily locate and prioritize orders using the sorting feature before sending them out for delivery. Ta-da, orders are sorted neatly.


                      Now (With date filtering)

                    Before (Without date filtering)


In case your flowers or the cards are out of stock, you can inform the customers on your mobile phone immediately via our EasyStore Mobile App. Searching the right name and click on the ‘WhatsApp’ button to send a message. Instead of typing out all the email addresses, it’s quick and convenient to work it out.

What’s Next?

We can’t predict when will the pandemic end in the future but what we can do now is to do full preparations for the business to move online, including the florist business. If not, you can read and know how this unavoidable pandemic has taken away people’s jobs and opportunities in news and social media. Let’s learn from this valuable experience in 2020.

If you would prefer video more than words, we do provide Youtube tutorials video to solve your issue on building your own Ecommerce. 

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