From Passion To Profit: A Forbidden Hobby Transforms Her Life

By Yavini Lucille · 25th November, 2019

It started as a hobby, and it became her career. Yes, it’s Syahirah’s story. She was once a little girl who loved doing make-up in her room. Believe it or not, no one supported her, and everyone scoffed at her when she decided to start her make-up business. Because of her resilience, even in the face of adversity, she made everyone impressed by her bold actions.

A Hobby That Sparkes Her Business

YouTube has become an indispensable channel to reach millions of people with the news outside our room, outside our country, and even outside our Earth! Yes, Google is the real superman! 


Back in her university days, makeup was one of her hobbies. She learned the makeup skills through YouTube, and she exhibited her makeup on her social media. 


She found discovered a problem when purchasing her dream make-up brushes. It would require for her to ship the brushes from overseas via eBay, Amazon, Kylie Cosmetics, and other international websites. Of course, it was costly to ship those items, and it took a long time to arrive at her doorstep. 


At that time, she had a light-bulb moment. “Why don’t I create my makeup brushes?” she thought. Instead of waiting with worries, she decided to get her feet in the door. Build her empire, and she is now the founder of CSMAKEUP MY.

A ‘Video’ Kills Two Stones

Social media influencer post is one of the reliable online promotional tools. But limited resources required her to spend frugally for a costly sponsorship fee. In desperation, she figured out a solution – be her brand ambassador.


Syahirah was aware that her business depended on small achievements here and there, depending on word-of-mouth recommendations from her customers. That’s the time YouTube creator flashed through her mind. 


To gain more ground, she started creating low-budget, high-influence videos that communicated to a worldwide audience using the YouTube platform. At the same time, it can be used as a demonstration video for her consumers. 


Being a beauty YouTuber, taking and editing a tutorial video was her monthly go-to task. Many of her acquaintances ask, “Don’t you get tired of your job?” But she often viewed her YouTuber career as a joyful and worthy job, given that she gains a closer relationship with her customers.

Inside Story: Tempered in the Never-Ending Hurricane

On this adventurous journey, dozens of people may fail and choose to return to their comfort zones. Syahirah never wants to become one of them. She handles all the obstacles without stepping back. 


At first, her win-at-all-cost philosophy keeps her family in the dark about her career. Growing up in a conservatism society, obviously, her dream couldn’t receive support from her family and friends - but her passion for making her makeup brushes trumped the barriers she faced. 


“How are you going to earn using Instagram and Facebook? Talking nonsense!” Her mother criticized her mercilessly and urged her to work like others from 9 to 6 in the office. However, the harsh words from her family inspired her to evolve her business.


Warning from UiTM management terrified her once because of the inventories she stored in the hostel. She thought of nothing else except to save her stocks from the hostel management, which she would eventually lose. But, losing the whole stock led her back to the drawing board.


It did not deter her from devoting her entire life to the brushes, and ‘giving up’ never pop up in her mind. 

Rookies Mistakes Fresh Graduate Made

Although she was a university student who loves accounting, her other reality was different from the syllabus, and it taught her countless fresh knowledge.


Controlling the cash flow in her business was not as simple as the papers she took in her school exams. To prepare a well-designed budget is a challenging task, as well as managing the expenses in a business, especially for an entrepreneur. 


The precarious financial position put Syahirah in a tight spot. She learned the importance of projecting future capital through several minor and major mistakes in her finances. 


For an ordinary 20s female, she enjoys her leisure time spent with family and friends. Because she’s a female entrepreneur and a founder of makeup brushes brand, Syahirah wouldn’t exchange her family and friends with success she wishes to achieve. 


Stereotypes in society, such as gender and age, often depressed her on her journey. But she was compelled to ignore those stereotypes and better her work to break their prejudgment towards a young female entrepreneur. It helped her become more motivated in attaining her dream.


EasyStore has lent her a helping hand with various advanced features in the admin panel. Instead of creating specific analytics manually, it can reduce her workload in various aspects of reports such as products, customers, and orders by utilizing the Analytics report function. She now reviews a collection of detailed sales analytics in an organized way. 


Moreover, there are plenty of help articles regarding the frequently asked questions provided by EasyStore. Topics like orders, marketing, products, and more are available for the users to solve their issues in related areas.

Enthusiastic Dream towards Better Me

Her dream for 2020 is to surpass her current achievements in 2019. 


For others, a work-life balance seems like an everyday routine, but for Syahirah, it’s not a usual thing at all. She always finds a way to balance her business and spiritual time with God. She emphasizes the enrichment of mind, body, and soul with a healthy life.


A wild decision-maker must look beyond and set aside personal interests. In 5 years, Syahirah defines her brand passionately to have all Malaysian women using at least one of her makeup brushes and expand her business to at least ten countries.

Untold Confessions from a Rookie Entrepreneur

“Nothing is more important than your passion in this industry,” Syahirah shares her advice for emerging businesses. Feel the passion and focus on what excites you. This is the only way to keep away from procrastination; by focusing on sustaining your business.


Self-confidence outpaces any genius intelligence. It can be learned, practiced, and mastered – everything will change once you master it. The belief you have about yourself can influence your brand. All you need is trust in yourself.

Great things never come from your comfort zone. Go and chase your dream without turning back. The fruit of your labor is waiting for you after the rain.

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