Simplifying Makeup Routines, The Savior of All Working Mothers

By Eric Lian · 27th June, 2019

Living in a society that promotes equality, where white-collar females are increasing, and stay-home moms have become lesser. For a working mom, putting up makeup and go to work has become a daily routine. And with that, it is always a struggle when working mothers have to juggle the balance between work and family life, especially when you have kids at home. 

So what makes makeup so important to women that even though with such a compact life, putting up makeup is essentials?

Apparently, the creation of makeup is to enhance the beauty of a woman and embrace the natural features. In other words, it enhances self-esteem by making women look more confident on the outside. And in some cultures, it is compulsory for a woman to put on makeup as it is a sign of respects to others. 

However, makeup will become of inconvenience when you have dual life responsibilities. Therefore, as an empathetic enthusiast in cosmetics, Nabilah from Muka & Co strive to provide a better solution which simplified the daily routine of the makeup process for working mothers.  

And today, together with me, we will start on a journey to discover the story behind Muka & Co. 

1. Can you tell us about yourself and how did your brand come about?  

A mompreneur who is a results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. I am a person who is passionate about everything that relates to beauty. I have more than 6 years of experience in Branding & Communication, as well as Integrated Marketing. 

Together with all the experiences and passion for cosmetics, I spent an extra of 1.5 years on studying and researching the products that I am selling right now, just to create a more quality offers in the market with a brand of my own. 

2. What inspired you to sell to start this business?

The big WHY that inspired me to start this business is when I found out that not only me but other working moms in the market have trouble on getting ready to put on makeup for work while juggling between work and family life, where mom sometimes tend to forget to put on makeup and result in looking pale. It became troublesome when it comes to make up since it requires long hours to get ready and get prepared. You will have to prep your skin and at least 5-10 step or it will take more than 30mins just to makeup, which for mothers, 30mis are too precious for them. 

Prior to that, I come out with an innovated line of makeup and skincare products with genius ingredients that benefit every woman by simplifying their daily makeup routine. With all of these, Muka & Co want to deliver a holistic beauty experience through cross-segment natural wellness collaboration.

3. Before entering into the Ecommerce scene, what was the formal occupation?

I was a media & branding consultant. With all the experience and knowledge I’ve gained throughout my previous career, I’ve decided to not waste my talents in the field and hence, building my own brand - Muka & Co.  

4. What was the most memorable experience that you had so far in your business journey? 

There were so many memorable experiences since we launched our brand from day 1. But to really pick the best out of all of them, the memorable experience will be the time when we received our first order followed by an overwhelming response from our customers even though we just launched our official website. Eventually, we ran out of stocks within 3 days after the first launch. 

5. Are there any challenges throughout the journey? And how do you overcome it?

Yes for sure, there are always challenges in doing business. One of the challenges that we have faced is when we decided to start an Ecommerce business of our own and we found out that to develop our own Ecommerce business, it can be very daunting and costly for beginners like us. 

We did some surveys and manage to get a few quotations but most of them are super expensive as we have very limited budget in the beginning. Then so happen that one of our friends introduce EasyStore and we find it very attractive. The best part is it suits our budget as well! It is cheaper and easier to build our online store, plus it’s a local platform where it is much easier for us to communicate and build up the website with minimal hassle.

Other than that, the challenge of building a cosmetic brand locally is when people start to be skeptical about the product. To overcome this, our team had to come out with a proper branding and marketing plan to build the trust and credibility with the market. One of the best ways to do that is to focus on transparency. Therefore, we built an attractive and resourceful website that provides full detailed information on the products so that customers can always search and know more about the brand's products and easier for them to purchase the product. 

6. Why do you choose EasyStore?

The main reason is the package price is reasonable and perfect for a startup like us where we need to monitor our cash flow wisely. And at the same time, we want a platform that works for our brands with user-friendly features and navigations for our customers. 

7. What is the aim or goal for your brand in the future?

Our main aim is to create more innovated makeup + skincare products that benefit working women and to be the most prominent homegrown brand locally and internationally. As we believe in creating the best product and brand that understand every woman.

It's no doubt that Nabilah understands the struggle of working mothers in this society as she is a mother herself too. She seeks to find solutions to help her peers in enhancing a better life quality with her products. Check out Muka & Co at the links below to find out more!




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