5 tips to design your store like a pro

By Jia Meei
1 year ago
You have an online store ready, a business name for your store, and then now what? Design? Oh ya! Some may say design the store is tedious, but actually, it is also the fun part of this whole business thing. Finally you can get down to your pc and start thinking how you want the visitors to perceive you as a brand. It is not necessary to be very complicated, now the world embrace minimalism more than ever, so here I am, to guide you how to design the background of your online store.

If you are scratching head don’t know where to start on designing your store, please check out the tips that I shared below.

1. Use nice background for your header

If you’ve been actively visiting websites, chances are you’ve seen some websites with similar layout. Designers tend to use repeated patterns or similar objects as the background of the header. How delightful!

La Veronique / Design by Mike | Creative Mints


2. Use simple color palette

It’s time to bring up your color palette, try out few colors. Use the right color on the right time will improve conversion rate. Also, do check out the color psychology chart below, it explains which color women/men love the most.

Color Tips that Will Improve Your Conversions by Kissmetrics

Vivetta by Fabio Picchini

Parfume Website Layout by Hrvoje Grubisic

3. Try Black & White

If bright colors are not good enough for you, try B&W. It is often used in some luxury brands or those websites that targeting men.

Hugo Boss Concept by Arnas Jonikas

Topman Malaysia

4. Use geometric pattern

I think it does the trick too. Do not hesitate to try out the simple geometric shapes, sometimes the classic shapes can spice up the plain and boring website.

Candy Queen by pitrih

Urban Outfitters

5. Use texture

Often, we use texture as background too, like wooden, cloth, grass, anything that is natural.

The Globus Grillfest by Kathrin Schmitz

Now, your turn! Start designing…

And there you have it, 5 simple ways to touch up your background of your store. Hopefully this article can inspire you more. Finally, do not forget the simple rules of design — keep practice! So never give up till you satisfy with your work! Happy designing, peeps :)

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