Pgeon Delivery Rolls Out 4 Sub-services Starting From RM5 Only!

By Karyan Lee
1 week ago

Looking for a flexible delivery solution for your parcels? Maybe sometime you’re on the go, sometime you can’t even move a step out of your house, and your recipients too.
Don’t worry, find a courier that suit your logistic needs at cheapest rate is not as complicated as you think. Chances are if you’ve registered as our EasyParcel user. Our courier partner, Pgeon Delivery is boosting its support for SME and individuals through its 4 different sub-services at as low as RM5 per parcel, which have been rolled out on EasyParcel recently:-
Yes, you read that right? You can now deliver from door-to-door at only RM5.50 per parcel. The shipping rate even get better if you choose the other services, which are priced at RM5 per parcel only. Don’t get tricked to pay more, while you can save more with us!
Quote and book your delivery now via Pgeon Delivery, and we’ll do the hefty job for you!

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